CopyCat Portable Scanner: Digitizing at Its Best!

Can’t wait to share that article you have just read on a magazine to your girl friends? Well, instead of waiting for the next day to bring that magazine with you to show to your friends, or asking them to go grab a copy, why don’t you just scan the page and send the file to your friends pronto! Sure, that’s possible if you’re at home with your bulky pc scanner. But what if you’re not? Oops! That’s not a problem anymore with the new CopyCat portable scanner!

It’s a scanner, but it’s more than just that! It’s small and compact, so you can bring it with you anywhere! It’s designed to scan and digitize photos, textbook content, and magazine pages. All you have to do is to sweep it across the page you’re scanning and the JPEG file is automatically stored into the micro SD card. You can scan up to 30,000 pages, even coloured ones (600 DPI). After scanning, you can easily transfer the file into your PC or MAC. What’s more appealing about this portable scanner is its OCR software, a software that can convert the scanned text images into texts that you can edit in Word, Excel, or Clipboard (said software is compatible with PC only).

The secrets behind the CopyCat portable scanner are its distortion compensation and capture-optimising feedback features. The said device operates with the use of two AA batteries (already included), which can scan up to 200 pages. With this scanner at hand, you can digitize everything and share it in an instant!

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