COOL LEAF: Input Devices with NO Physical Buttons

Here’s something interesting not just for computer savvies out there but also for everyone who uses a remote, and a calculator as well. A Japanese company named Minebea has just unveiled a series of input devices that have three things in common – they are real flat, they don’t have physical buttons, and they come so stylish. These devices include a keyboard, a calculator, and a remote control. This next generation input system, which is called Cool Leaf, spares its owners from spending time in cleaning and maintaining that conventional key tops require.

With the COOL LEAF, you will use just a single board that you’ll find way easy to clean any time. It is also innovatively designed in such a way that its characters appear on the flat mirror panel through the help of a plate-type backlight. True, in its highly sophisticated design is a combination of Minebea’s technologies in keyboards, measurement gadgets, and lighting devices. In this product, Mineaba has combined its cross-sectional collective strengths or horizontal strength.

The COOL LEAF is starting to make it obvious that in the coming years, buttons will be outmoded. With this cool, water-resistant gizmo, stand-out buttons can now be eradicated. It employs a special film that’s developed by a Japanese chemical company called Toray Industries. This film is actually an electrostatic capacity type touch panel containing force sensors beneath, plus a backlight which serves as the bottom layer. When the device is switched off, the surface just appears as a plain mirror. There’s no word yet as to when this device will be released. It is intended to capture the hearts of people in movie theater market and in the medical field.

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