Convert an iPhone into a Cinematic Device using MiLi iPhone Projector

Okay, so you are very pleased to a great number of applications and a lot of things an iPhone can offer you. Well, brace yourself because here’s a latest addition to what seems to be countless possibilities you can do on your iPhone, this time with the help of MiLi iPhone projector.
The MiLi iPhone projector is your new portable media device that can let you view photos, videos, and podcasts widely, maximum of 70 inches to be exact, onto any well-situated wall of your choice. It features built-in stereo speakers, a fully adjustable focus, and a convenient stand. With the dimension of 14.8 x 7 x 4.1 cm, you can easily place it on any perfect spot.

There is also a remote control to allow you to adjust volume, tint, contrast, brightness, and simply control other menus. In addition, the projector has an AV in/out function so you can connect other external media devices including DVD player, PC, laptop, and VCR. The iPhone Mili projector is even compatible with iPod Classic, iPod Touch and Blackberry.

This new viewing device buddy can be charged using USB or wall socket. A complete charge using the USB lets you watch up to one and a half hours. The projector is not just a handy viewing device; it can also charge other external devices and mobiles phones. Multimedia and charging device all-in-one!

The MiLi iPhone projector is really a must-have for digital media enthusiasts out there and is recommended from 8 years old and above. Grab it here!

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