Computer Cool School – A Great Way to Start Education Early

Everybody wants their children to be the next boy genius or little miss talent, but even a child prodigy destined for greatness must start with baby steps. Before your children can figure out the mysteries of the universe, memorize the legal system and the Dungeons and Dragons rule book, crack the code, rule the world using diplomacy, strength of arms and cultural influence, or win the next space race, it’s in their best interest to master the basics of speaking, writing, reading, and counting first. Sure you may have some coloring books with a few crayons, a fun activity workbook for preschoolers, a kiddy Encyclopedia and even an Idiot’s Guide for children hanging around the house. But, they’re not as cool as the new Computer Cool School by Fisher Price. This educational toy and keyboard instantly transforms your computer into a “one stop shop” learning center for preschoolers. It covers the five disciplines of Reading and Writing, Math, Art, Music and Science. All of the five learning centers feature different fun filled educational activities arranged in a carefully planned curriculum just like the way they do it in school.

The Computer Cool School features a special keyboard designed for children. This is another great way to introduce computers and typing skills to children early on. Included with the child-friendly keyboard is an ambidextrous tablet with an attached stylus for drawing and writing activities. This educational gadget also comes with letters and numbers templates, printable activity sheets, a learning CD, password-protected parental controls and its own USB chord.

Feed your child’s mind through Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn Computer Cool School!

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