Compaq CQ1-1020 All-in-One Desktop PC

It is somewhat expected that Compaq would also release their own All-in-One (AiO) PC. I mean other manufacturers are making one so why not Compaq have one too, right? The direction that others are heading would be the entertainment/multimedia side while this AiO likes to keep it simple and affordable. No multi-touch screens, blazing processor or video card, the CQ1-1020 aims to cater toward casual computer users.

The Intel Atom D410 1.66GHz processor is based on the Pinetrail platform that we mostly see on netbooks. It is a single core processor and would be very much capable of handling Office applications and basic computing. An integrated Intel GMA 3150 graphics unit wouldn’t be able to play Crysis but Diner Dash, Plants VS Zombies or Cake Mania will do. There is a gigabyte of RAM installed but can be upgraded for up to 4GBs for added speed. You get 160GBs of hard drive space, DVD Super-Multi drive, WiFi b/g, speakers, and other components packed at the back of the 18.5″ display. There is also a microphone and webcam up front so video chatting can be started right away. You get the computer with a keyboard and mouse for just $429.99. This also comes with one-year limited warranty and support from Compaq.

Basically, the selling point of all-in-one computers is the clutter-free design. This way, you don’t need to manage all the wires that you have to connect or have to buy a specific computer table. An added benefit would be the lower electricity bill that you would be getting.

You still cannot get one as of the moment but you can browse over great deals on Compaq desktop computers here.

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