Comfort Mouse 4500 – Any Surface, Anytime, Anywhere

During your travels or business trip with your trusty laptop or notebook, the last thing you would want is a pernickety mouse. It’s not like every hotel butler would ask you, “After your hot bath, what surface would you prefer for your portable mouse Sire?”. Sure you always have the integrated touchpad for your laptop, but it isn’t exactly your typical cup of coffee in terms of precision, control and comfort. The solution can be as simple as bringing an additional mouse pad with you every time or even better – get the new Microsoft Comfort Mouse 4500. Alongside the Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 and Wireless Mouse 2000, the 4500 is one of the latest addition to Microsoft’s BlueTrack Technology mouse products. Here’s a quick look of the Comfort Mouse’s general features:

• BlueTrack Technology for amazing precision tracking on virtually any surface.
• Comfortable and durable rubber side grip
• Contoured for ambidextrous use
• Dust-resistant design
• 5 Customizable Buttons
• Tilt Wheel for easy horizontal and vertical scrolling

At a minimal cost of under $30, you can have a high performance mouse that can not only track but also glide on any flat surface. The Comfort Mouse 4500 features a lightweight wired design that’s perfect for travel as you don’t have to bring extra batteries with you anytime. In time with spring, these new mouse from Microsoft will not only come in black but in three fresh special-edition colors of Sea Blue, Poppy Red and Strawberry Pink as well.

More Microsoft comfort mouse can be found here.

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