ColorWare for Segway i2 – Add Color to Your Ride

A hot ride needs an equally hot paint job just like a cake needs to be topped with a delightful frosty icing to be called a proper cake or else it would just be another pastry. A Ferrari would just be another sports car without the Rosso corsa color, a Shelby Cobra would be naked without the blue on white Le Mans stripes, a hot rod won’t be so hot without the classic flames and Gravedigger would just be a lonely grave without the trademark black and green graveyard paint scheme. For Segway i2 owners, you can now also give your personal transporter a character of its own and evolve it into a head turner via ColorWare.
ColorWare for some time now has been one of the industry leaders in customizing colors of electronic products and now they have their brushes all over Segway. Offering almost unlimited color combinations, Segway is no longer bound by its traditional black, white or sage color. Now your Segway can really be a “personal” transporter, a character of your own and a cut above the rest.

ColorWare offers almost exhaustible color choices in glossy, metallic and who knows what other coats are still out there. You can individually paint your Segway i2’s handle bar, upper leansteer, lower leansteer, leansteer hub, center console, front bumper, rear bumper, front battery, rear battery, fenders, inner hubs, wheels and hub caps. Like any custom paintjob, don’t expect it to be cheap though–that color customized Segway i2 will paint a $6000.00 giant hole in your pocket.

Get Segway i2 here.

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