ColorWare Flip Ultra – Your Custom Color Camcorder

Everybody wants colors unless you’re the gloomy the-world-is-doomed type. ColorWare, an industry leader in altering the color of existing hot gadgets, just added a new product in their custom color repertoire – the Flip Ultra video camera. To the uninitiated, the Flip Video Ultra is the third addition to Pure Digital Technologies’ simple plug-and-play video camera that features a flip-out USB connector and built-in software that makes viewing and sharing your videos unbelievably simple.

Pure Digital has improved the design, video quality, 1.5-inch viewing LCD, and software of its lightweight Flip Ultra series. It’s now even easier to capture and share low-resolution video via e-mail and the Web especially with its new one-touch video uploading to YouTube and AOL Video. Pure Digital has made some major alterations to distinguish the Ultra from the standard Flip. The Ultra is just about the same depth as the standard Flip but it’s a bit narrower making it easier to grasp. Even the battery compartment has been altered in the new design and a metal threaded mount slot for tripods has been added.

Flip Ultra comes in limited color themes: white, black, pink, and orange – until ColorWare decided to add it to its assortment of wares available ready to be personalized in near infinite number combination of colors and hues. It isn’t free of course; but if you have the money to spend and the creativity, you’ll be able to paint the top, ring, bottom, back, cursor and button a different shade of the ColorWare Flip Ultra Camcorder according to your liking.

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