COBY MP570 – The Micro MP3 Player

People by nature love listening to music of some sort. Whether it’s rock, jazz, ballad, love song, pop, R&B, acoustic, or alternative music, no one can seem to live without it. And so, there’s no doubt why the MP3 player become instantly popular after its first introduction. With this device, listening to music is no longer confined inside the room, car, or any other place. Even while walking, jogging, strolling at the beach, biking, and camping, humming with the favorite tunes is very much possible. But what type and model to buy? Well, that’s for you to decide. Now, if you want something that is not only handy but also stylish, then the Coby MP570 is your best option.

Although the specs of this micro MP3 player are similar to most MP3 players in the market, its size and looks however are the main reasons why people choose it in the first place. Just look at the image and at first glance you might think that it’s a polished jewel. Who would ever think that it’s a micro MP3 player and not a posh jewel at all? So isn’t it exciting to get something that completely looks different from the rest? It makes a great gift too. So if you don’t need one for yourself, better consider getting it for a friend or loved one.

But apart from design, here are the other great features of this product:

• Integrated flash memory
• Plays MP3 and WMA digital music files
• Convenient USB adapter included
• USB 2.0 Hi-speed for fast file transfers
• Integrated rechargeable battery

So want this gadget? Or you want to see more? Here check out other Coby MP3 Players at Amazon.

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