Clear Modem with Wi-Fi – Create Your Own Hotspot

You can almost bring any conceivable gadget to man with you anywhere and use them anytime: TVs, computers, media players, speakers and the list can go on to infinity. Most of these portable gadgets if not all can even let you connect online thru Wi-Fi. The only problem is not all areas are covered with Wi-Fi, now if only you could bring your very own hotspot. Well, with the new Clear Modem with Wi-Fi, you could.

The Clear Modem with Wi-Fi grants you instant access to super fast 4G internet connection for your home or office. Its integrated Wi-Fi router offers protected broadband connectivity and local networking. It’s a seamless cross between a modem and Wi-Fi router with all functionalities combined into one small smart package so that you save money, space, and the inconvenience of extra cords and wires. It’s relatively fast and easy to set-up, just plug it into a power source and you can begin surfing the web with 4G speeds without the need for tech support or complicated migraine-inducing installation instructions. Its hardware is primarily composed of a WiMAX chipset, Beceem BCS5250 with 2500 MHz internal omni-directional antenna, and 5 dB average gain LED indicators. The top 5 LEDs indicates network signal strength with 5 being the highest, the LAN network connection indicator shows green when there’s a connection and orange when there’s an error, the Wi-Fi indicator lights up when there’s a Wi-Fi enabled device connected and the Power LED indicates – well, go figure.

For security, Clear uses a licensed 2.5 GHz frequency and OFDM transmission protocol. Any Wi-Fi-enabled device that uses 802.11b, g, or n protocols is fully compatible with the Clear Modem with Wi-Fi. Also, any computer with browsers that have versions equal or higher to Internet Explorer 6.0 or Firefox 3.0 can configure the Wi-Fi network.

You can also try WiMAX Clear Modem – Series M.

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