Cleankeys Keyboard for Misophobics

Misophobia is the fear of getting contaminated with dirt or germs. If you love using your computer without getting squeamish about it, then you’re not affected by this. You see, experts say that the computer keyboard with the mouse is dirtier than your toilet seat. You eat in front of your computer, you sneeze in front of it, you talk while using it, and also touch it everyday. Just imagine how much germs you bring by just typing a single document. Though germs and bacteria are all around us, you can be protected from getting them without sacrificing computer use.

Cleankeys has a flat surface that works like a touch sensitive surface on a microwave. There is a small electric field that can detect a human finger but not any other thing like a pencil. For some tactile response, there are shallow wells created on top of the keyboard but are still shallow enough to not hide spaces which you cannot clean. This keyboard has a laminated glass top that also makes this waterproof and spillproof. This also helps in making cleaning easier since you can wipe it clean anytime you want or even cover it in alcohol if you feel necessary.

Since your mouse is also a breeding ground for germs, using a standard mouse would just create cross contamination. Thus, there is already a trackpad built-in the cleankeys so you won’t have to use a regular mouse.

While primarily designed to be used for hospitals, laboratories, or clinics as to control germ or bacterial growth, cleankeys can also provide medical grade cleanliness to your home.

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