Cintiq 21UX – Lets You Work Directly on Screen

Are you a budding photographer, designer, or animator? If yes, then maybe you’re looking for an easier, faster, and more convenient way to do your work. Who wouldn’t want to? Of course, every creative professional would dream of having a gadget that can make editing photos, designing, and drawing not only more fun but also more convenient. Good thing, there is now a gizmo that can very much do all these. Introducing the new Cintiq 21UX!

The new Cintiq 21UX is a combination of color LCD and pen input capabilities, allowing any photographer, designer, and animator to work directly on screen. Boasting a 21.3″ LCD display, this gadget makes a perfect companion for those creative professionals wanting a portable and more convenient way to do their work even while on the go. And since this is designed to detect 2048 levels of pressure, any user will certainly have more control over the pressure-sensitive pen effects like opacity, exposure, and line weight.

Anyway, here are the other great features of the Cintiq 21UX:

• New pen tip sensor technology lowers activation force and captures every nuance of pen pressure control
• 16 User-defined ExpressKeys put time saving shortcuts, modifiers, scrolling, zooming, and more at your fingertips.
• Touch Strips, with Touch Strip Toggle buttons, control up to 4 application-specific functions
• Custom radial menus for rapid navigation
• New contoured Grip Pen and Pen Stand

And when you get this gadget, here’s what included in the package:

• Cintiq 21UX Interactive Pen Display
• Grip Pen
• Pen Stand
• Display Stand
• DVI-I to VGA cable adapter
• DVI-I to DVI-D cable adapter
• AC Power Adapter
• Power Cable
• Rotation Lock Screws (4)
• ICC profile created with X-rite MonacoOptixXR
• Bearing hub recess cover plate and screws
• Quick Start Guide and User Manual
• Installation CD (includes driver software and electronic manual)
• Application DVD

• Includes valuable creative software from Corel and Nik

So why settle with drawing on paper if you can work directly on screen? Get the Wacom CINTIQ 21UX (DTK2100) 21-Inch Pen Display – Graphics Monitor with Digital Pen now!

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