Charge Station Quad for Move – Power to Move

In the seemingly long road to game console dominance, there is only one traffic rule–evolve or die. And corporate giant Sony is grinding it up by going head to head with other manufacturers through their latest addition to their Playstation 3 console, the new Playstation Move. The Playstation Move is the ultimate controller that promises to change everything by immersing you to a whole new level of immersive and realistic gaming using state of the art motion sensor in conjunction with the PlayStation Eye Camera. It is like having the power to control an in game avatar; minus the distant planet, noxious atmosphere and blue natives.

Playstation Move isn’t due until sometime this year but new products are already spawning to accommodate it, talking about aggressive marketing. A charger for the Move has already been unveiled; it’s called the Charge Station Quad for Move by Nyko. It can accommodate 2 sets Move Motion controllers and 2 Move Navigation controllers at once because once you go for Playstation Move, one is not definitely enough for everybody. The charging dock recharges the internal batteries of the controllers without the messy cables and additional wires. The dock itself directly plugs into any power outlet for faster charging times and more game time. It comes with four charge LED indicators to know that you’re ready to play with just a quick glance on the Charge Station. The dock also features a handy drop and charge design that easily matches the sleek and modern look of the controller.

Get Charge Station Quad Port Charging Dock & Battery Pack Set for PS3 Move here.

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