Catch Even the Careless Whispers with USB Digital Voice Recorder

The evidence never lies and so does a voice recorder, how many movies have their hero’s name cleared from an evil frame up because of a carefully recorded confession of an over talkative villain? Not to be a devil’s advocate but recording conversations even the ones over the phone can save your hide unless it’s illegal in your region to do so, in that case – you didn’t get the idea here. When it comes to voice recording, forget cassette tapes, coffee and stakeout, there’s a new stylish and compact USB device that let’s you capture audio in amazing detail and clarity. Whether you’re saving your thoughts, taking verbal notes from a lecture or meeting, recording a promise for future reference, or on a super secret investigation, the USB Digital Voice Recorder will perfectly work for you.

This nifty little voice recording gadget can capture audio on the go, upon voice activation (which is super cool) or even on a set scheduled date and time. Old voice recorders only hold minutes of data, this digital voice recorder can save up to 560 HOURS of audio and up to 200 individual audio files in its built-in 2GB flash memory. It’s also MULTI-functional for it can also serve as a handy mp3 player, telephone conversation recorder (remember the movie Taken?) and a USB flash drive.

The USB Digital Voice Recorder offers three recording modes and supports ACT, WAV and MP3 audio formats. The device comes in a ready to use package that includes a user manual, telephone recorder adapter, mic, earphones, software CD with ACT to WAV converter, 3.5 mm male to male audio cable, RJ11 male to male cable and an AC adapter.

Follow this link for more on the USB Digital Voice Recorder.

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