Casio Prizm: Calculating Functions in 65,000 Brilliant Colors

Math has finally met its match with Casio’s Prizm. The all-new graphical calculating device in full colors promises the easiest way out in junior high, college, and even the board! This high-end calculator comes in graphical natural display plus 65,000 brilliant colors to highlight graphical equations and functions. Prizm as technically dubbed in the market, is set to be the latest in Casio Education.

What’s new? First of all is the innovative Graphical Natural Display that veers away from Casio Education’s invented Natural Textbook Display. Prizm actually illustrates Math’s system like they are presented on a textbook, a website, or software. Best is that all of these are done in a small handheld device. Something that’s easy to carry any time! Second, and this will bring smiles to your ear is that it’s applicable to spreadsheets and conditional formatting. The Prizm allows up to three conditions on spreadsheets rows and columns to be conditionally formatted. Then there’s the new color link technology, which assigns colors to pre-set values and functions.

Truly, the Prizm is one thing Casio Educational can be truly proud of. It is simply the device that transformed the criteria in scientific and graphical calculators. It’s unconventional, from the appearance to performance. And to those who love gadgets, the Prizm is a great find! It’s ergonomic, practical, and brilliantly colorful that defies the standard ones of its kind. You can now find the Casio Prizm in your favorite color from Casio Education and almost all bookstores and supplies globally.

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