Saving the Earth with Mobile Phone Recycling

Finding it hard to part with your old but damaged mobile phone? That’s especially true if the phone involved is your first ever, or if it’s given to you by someone special – sentimental value is still at work these days. But, do you know that you can earn cash for mobile phones? That’s right, friends! There are agencies that accept damaged or old phones, giving you a certain amount back depending on the model of phone that you have brought.

Mobile recycling has become popular due to the various risks that the increasing number of discarded phones poses. According to studies, there are about 130 million phones discarded yearly in the US alone. And, these phones contain various toxic chemicals that pollute the earth. To prevent further pollution, cash for mobiles programs are now being widely implemented. Certain institutions recycle mobile phones and prevent them from contaminating the earth. So instead of discarding your old phone, or keeping it with you for sentimentality’s sake, you can just send it to a recycling center so that you’ll get cash.

CashForMobile is one institution that’s active in mobile recycling. It receives old or damaged phones and gives cash in exchange. The process is simple and can be done in four easy steps – just search for your specific phone, see the worth of your phone when returned, send your phone via free post, and wait for your cheque to arrive. With the competitive rates offered, you will surely have no doubt about bringing your old phone in for recycling. You’ll be a hero to the environment, all while you get your own financial perks.

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