Capture, Mix and Match Colors with Pantone CAPSURE

The human eye may have found its match in identifying various colors but it comes with a $649.00 price tag – a hefty cost unless you’re a color blind cape totting Gotham billionaire. Pantone, a global authority on color, officially announced the CAPSURE, a portable gadget that lets design professionals, paint retailers and even your average handymen to accurately capture, measure, and match colors right away with applications ranging from small, ornate, multi-colored surfaces and textiles to walls and carpeting.

This device uses powerful tri-directional image capture technology that eliminates the shadows and interference innate to patterned and textured materials and surfaces. The surface being measured is illuminated from three different directions the same time the device is recording a 27 color-accurate image in 1.6 seconds; CAPSURE can pull out up to four main colors from a complex pattern so the user can visibly identify and choose the desired color. The captured image is then previewed on its 1.75-inch color screen to confirm image accuracy and saved for later use. CAPSURE has the capacity to record the last 100 colors measured as well as attach a voice recording, time and date stamp into the recorded colors. Furthermore, CAPSURE offers harmonious shades and recognizes comparable colors that are lighter, darker or similar in tone to the identified color.

CAPSURE comes pre-loaded with all PANTONE Color Libraries allowing users to match more than 8,000 colors with just a single device. Users can also switch across vast PANTONE Libraries and even from paint manufacturers and cross-match any material or surface. Finally, Pantone CAPSURE comes with a Palette Application Software that can be synchronized with popular design and graphics applications.

Purchase Pantone color checker here.

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