Candle in the Wind Tealight: Stylish Accent in a Portable Lighting Device

Candles are among the classic accents used in various occasions. They’re perfect for accentuating tables during casual dinners and formal parties. They’re also ideal pieces for your home as they give off a warm atmosphere whether they’re lit or not. Candles, however, have some disadvantages. They’re blown off easily, they don’t last long, and they can cause accidents when handled incorrectly. So what’s the best alternative? Here it is now – the Candle in the Wind Tealight.

This tealight is like a candle when it comes to its illuminating function, only it has more benefits in terms of style and efficiency.

  1. It provides better illumination – it’s even 70% more efficient that incandescent lighting.
  2. It is energy-efficient – it burns longer and uses only a little amount of energy provided by a battery that’s already included in the package. The battery can last for a hundred hours while the light source will work for as long as 100,000 hours.
  3. It is portable and safe, and can be used in a wide array of occasions.
  4. It comes in three sizes – small, medium, and large – and can be used either in the shape of a candle or with the column to create your desired effect.

The Candle in the Wind Tealight works using LED lenser technology. It’s made from tough materials, the column being frosted glass while the housing is made from premium steel. The tealight has a height of 11cm, a width of 3.5 cm, and a depth of 3.5 cm. It weighs 0.2 kg and is a real eye-catcher.

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