Calling and Texting from Android Devices Now Easy with the Iota Flex

How many electronic gadgets do you have in your bag? If you’re like most modern individuals today, the answer would be A LOT. You have your mobile phone, your ipod, your camera, your netbook, your tablet, and many others. Some of you may have done away with your camera and ipod by getting a high-tech camera phone or music phone. But, there are still devices that you can’t incorporate together, and so you still have to bring them with you and put up with the hassle. Iota is trying to solve that with its new Flex.

The Iota Flex is a simple rubber bracelet. Sure you can wear it, but it’s not actually designed as a mere accessory. What it’s designed for is this: to incorporate call and text to your Android-based devices (like your netbooks and tablets) through the use of Bluetooth. The Flex is incorporated with a built-in SIM card. You can easily pair it to your Android gadgets and then call or text from these gadgets easily. You can now say goodbye to your mobile phones and reduce the hassles caused by electronic gadgets in your daily life. And with the device’s simple design, you can easily wear it, clip it to your bag, or simply place it inside your pocket anytime you need it with you.

The Iota Flex is not yet fully developed, but reports say that it will be offered at less than $100, and $40 monthly for calling and texting on an unlimited basis. Can’t wait to finally see this cool and thoughtful innovation in the market.

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