Bubba Keg Keeps Your Beer Cold

Beer lovers rejoice! Bubba Keg will keep your beers cold and the enjoyment flowing.

You must definitely say that nothing beats a cold beer. You love it when it’s icy cold since it tastes better and feels somewhat smoother to the mouth. While you can always bring a cooler with lots of ice, it is not the best idea for travelers. You can always try doing the supercooling beer machine like the one on Mythbusters but getting a bunch of liquid nitrogen might not be on your shopping list.

The Bubba Keg is a large capacity beer container that can hold as much as 70z or equal to 4 pints of beer. What makes this a good item for beer lovers is the freedom of portability that it brings. You can bring your beer anywhere and keep it cold for up to 12 hours. The BubbaFAT patented technology is a special insulation that allows the little keg to keep such temperature.

When you run out of beer, you can always get some ice cold bottles at a convenience store and refill your Bubba Keg. You won’t have any problems opening a bottle because it has its own bottle opener so no more improvising or potential trips to the dentist. Aside from beer or other cold beverages, you can also put hot drinks like coffee or coco and the BubbaFAT will keep it hot for 3 hours.

You can already pre-order the Bubba Keg and it will be shipped by March 29. For sure, you don’t want to miss out on this.

Sign-up for a pre-order here.

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