Bring Out the Tiger within Your Cat with the Zig-N-Zag Ball

Cat lovers have a new toy for their pet to purr about, it won’t drive them crazy like a fat mouse drizzled with catnip oil with Whiskas for sides but sure it’s less gross and can equally keep their attention for a while. Playing into your cat’s innate hunting instincts, the new Zig-N-Zag Ball will bring the predator out of your sweet kitty. The Zig-N-Zag Ball uses a ball-within-a-ball design with self winding mechanism that sends it out on a wild zigzag pattern when hit. It will give your cat the chance to experience the hunting life of its 710 pound Siberian cousin when chasing after wild boars and deer. The innocent and ordinary looking ball looks like any of your feline’s toy ball but to the amazement of your pet, once they swat it, it acts like a crazed ball that just escaped from a mental asylum with all that random and unpredictable motion. The random rolling motion should satisfy your cat’s need to hunt and stalk a living and probably disgusting prey like mouse or insects – you can take the cat out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of your cat.

The Zig-N-Zag Ball should provide unlimited exercise and play time hours for your cat because it needs no batteries to operate – thanks to its above-mentioned self-winding mechanism. It’s a perfect toy for a cat bored with the same old normal balls.

More on Our Pets Go Cat Go Zig-N-Zag Ball here. (Colors Vary)

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