Bring Back the Art of Writing using N-trig’s Digital Pencil

Literally jotting down important, ideas, comments, and details has noticeably become outmoded ever since computers have been widely utilized especially in businesses. Although digital technology is proven as a very efficient way in performing processes in wide areas, writing down is still more personal. Both offers effectiveness so why not combine the benefits of two different approaches? N-trig made this possible through its latest digital pencil solution. By applying the latest technology and using a pen, the essence of handwriting is accentuated once again–the modern style.

N-trig introduced the Digital Pencil powered by a battery ideal for longer use. With the included multi-touch capabilities, users are provided with the liberty to select the best input style they want. They can choose whether through a pen or fingertips or both. This gives more flexibility and personalization to users like taking notes in classrooms, playing games, making sketches by artists or designers, and even drawing directly on PC monitors during corporate meetings or answering e-mails.

The N-trig’s battery-powered Digital Pencil uses a DuoSense software that recognizes the position of the pencil as well as its pressure level. This eliminates the role of excitation coil inside the DuoSense digitizer. Then again, it can be used as an optional after-market accessory or an important part of the key-in solution. Because of this, N-trig’s pen provides an innovative method of computer input at home or in the office–the natural writing way.

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