Boogie Board – Play, Write, Draw, Learn, Go Wild

Perhaps, when you were a kid you used to draw on iron filing boards. It is one of the ways to keep kids busy, especially those talented ones who wouldn’t want to put the pencil down. This is the reason why Improv Electronics has developed Boogie Board, a non-power flexible LCD that’s based on Reflex technology.

With the Boogie Board, you can say goodbye to paper because it allows you to write, draw, play, learn, and go wild using its reflective LCD screen. This paperless LCD writing tablet can be used not just in your home but also in the office, car, and yes, even in athletic field.

To write or draw, you just have to use the stainless steel telescoping stylus that comes with the product. Even your fingers can be used so you no longer need to remember where you put your pencil or pen. What’s more is you can even use various tools like stiff artist brush, plastic compass, pen cap, cookie cutter, and even your fingernail to come up with different patterns and textures. A simple touch of a button will produce a cool, friendly flash from the liquid crystal display to erase your image.

This LCD writing tablet can be brought no matter where you want to go because it’s just 1/8 inch thin and can be inserted in your scheduler, backpack, briefcase, and purse. The Boogie Board is also made from durable plastic materials so it surely would last long. It is also energy-efficient as it comes with sealed 3v watch battery that doesn’t need replacing.

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