BodyTrace eScale – More Than Your Bathroom Scale

You have watched how countless overweight people compete for money and a chance for longer life at the Biggest Loser. While you can only get your inspiration from them, it needs real determination to lose all of those “accumulated holiday pounds”.

What BodyTrace sells isn’t just a regular bathroom scale. They are selling a fitness combo that begins with tipping on the eScale. The eScale is a weighing scale that wirelessly uploads your latest information to the BodyTrace website. From there, you can view various information that tells you more than your weight. If your traditional bathroom scale shows you your weight, the eScale tells you that plus your weight history, days needed to reach goal, grams of protein consumed, etc!

Tip the scale and there begins your journey towards a healthier life. You will see on the BodyTrace website your weight history and your goal. This way, you get encouraged to work on reaching that weight and see your actual progress. There is even a food tracker that shows how much protein, carbohydrates, fats, water, and energy you have consumed when you ate that greasy burger. This lets you know if you have already exceeded your recommended intake. Another great feature is the goal tracker that tells you how far are you from your target weight. Based on your past 2 weeks of performance, the goal tracker will compute the number of days ’til you achieve your goal. This makes you work harder to get an earlier date. But once you slack off or chow down some serious chocolate cake, the days will also add on.

Start losing weight by first having a measuring device. Look at different body scales at Amazon.

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