Black \ OPS Assassin – The Most Advanced Vertically Cooled PC in the World

Hardcore gamers and enthusiast are sure rejoicing by now. Why? Simply because Digital Storm, the leader in computer system integration and engineering, has just released the most superior vertically cooled gaming personal computer – the Black \ OPS Assassin. This system is equipped with innovatively designed chassis that promotes vertical heat dissipation by making use of the heart’s natural tendency to rise. Positioned at the bottom of the chassis are three 180mm fans that pump cool air to the machine and drive warm air out, passing on top of the chassis.

The Assassin is also outfitted with the company’s Sub-Zero liquid Cooling System treatment. It is perfect for gamers who are in need of amazing graphics performance because it is capable of cooling a three-way SLI configuration of NVIDIA’s GTX 480s with minimum graphic card fan noise. For neat cable organization, the Assassin’s motherboard is also rotated 90 degrees clockwise. Its chassis is made from aluminum and it comes with a side window to show off its astonishing hardware. True, the Assassin is a system that every gamer and performance aficionados have been waiting for.

The Black \ OPS Assassin boasts a perfect blend of outstanding components, patented processes, and cutting-edge design that allows its components to provide users more than what other gaming PC can offer. It also takes pride in offering shocking overclocking potential, with recorded overclocks of 4.4GHz and higher. What’s great about the Assassin is, it is backed by Digital Storm’s Standard 3 Year Premium Parts and Labor Warranty.

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