Bigfoot Networks Killer 2100 Rides the Alienware Mothership

High end gaming systems need high performance components and high end computer hardware needs a system that can proudly call home – no, not just some shabby garden variety computer but something more extra terrestrial, like Alienware. That’s why when Alienware decided to adopt and incorporate Bigfoot Network’s Killer 2100 gaming network card, it’s a match made in heaven, or deep space (depending on how you look at it). At present, Dell’s Alienware line can be customized with one of the top rated gaming network interface cards (NIC) pre-installed. The card can be added to the Alienware Aurora, Aurora ALX, Area-51 and Area-51 ALX desktops for just $89.99, $40 cheaper than buying the formerly $129.99 Killer 2100 a la carte. This means networking gadget will improve performance, intelligence and control of an Alienware system at a reduced financial cost, not a bad marriage indeed. Furthermore, this top of the line NIC will enable online game players to reach quicker response times, improved in-game performance and higher score resulting in total pwnage!

The Killer 2100 works by using Game Detect Technology to sense game traffic as it enters your PC, prioritizing it above all other network traffic, and get it back and forth from your game faster than any other network card. The Bigfoot Network’s Killer 2100 NIC is the online gamer’s millisecond advantage – when guns are blazing and spells are raining, you are assured to either dock or unleash a barrage of fire first.

Purchase VisionTek Killer 2100 Network Gaming Card here.

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