Big Trak is Back!

Yes, it’s official, the Big Trak is back! If you’re not familiar with these, the Big Trak is a computer-controlled robot tank that you can program to roam around and fire its photon beam. It has six wheels, three on each side. Among the three wheels, the one on the center is the driver wheel. The front wheels articulate up or down to act as suspension mechanisms while the rear wheels are fixed suspensions.

It’s good news that not much has changed in this new version. This means that if the elders play this toy at present, it sure will bring back the fun they have when they were young and they can pass it on to their kids and grandchildren. But what makes this toy so cool? Well all you need is to give a few simple commands and the Big Trak can run a particular distance, fire, and then run back to you. This toy has an onboard memory that can store up to 16 commands just in one go! The contours and design of the new Big Trak is based on the original version. Another amazing thing about the Big Trak is the way it turns! Like a real tank, it uses a technique called skid-steering, wherein the wheels on one side move forward while the wheels on the other side move backward to turn the tank in its place.

If you want your kids to experience what it is that you enjoyed playing before, or if you simply want something to remind you of your childhood, click here and get a new version of Big Trak today!

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