BeoVision 8 – When Tested Technology and Modern Features Combine

With lots of abbreviations you need to remember about televisions, isn’t it a wonder why people keep B&O in their minds? Well there’s one reason for it – Bang and Olufsen has been producing consumer products with unmatched performance, features, and capabilities. One of the latest from such company is the BeoVision 8 which offers perfect balance of proven technology and modern features. This unit takes pride in carrying an ideal blend of quality image and pure sound, as well as good looks and easy operations.

Bang and Olufsen understands your need for quality sound from your television. That’s why it came up with a compact BeoVision 8 cabinet which contains a modern amplifier and no less than five speakers. The bass are perfect when watching movies or listening to music while front units are designed to deliver natural-sounding human speech. More importantly, the excellent wide screen of BeoVision 8 employs the newest in screen technology that helps trim down reflections and produce more natural black levels. True, this model is capable of providing consumers with quality image from all sources and under all viewing conditions.

The included compact speaker cabinet offers an amazingly full sound quality to give you an ultimate television viewing experience. Since it comes with a compact design and everything is well integrated, you can place the BeoVision 8 in just about any room in your house. It is equipped with a retractable feet support so you can place it neatly on the floor or in a usual TV cabinet.

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