Belkin 802.11n Series Wireless Router – Surf, Share, Play and Play Max

Everybody is unique that’s why everybody got something that makes them tick. Even tech geeks differ in preferences but when it comes to networking solutions, there’s only company that has everything that might tickle your fancy – Belkin with their new series of 802.11n Wireless Router: the Surf, Share, Play and Play Max routers respectively.

The diverse routers will each feature different applications that would suit your surfing style but all of them will be sharing Belkin’s 802.11n technology that gives you speed of up to 300 Mbps. The top models, Play and Play Max will feature Dual-Band N design. These routers will work on simultaneous networks to minimize interference and enhance multimedia-heavy and resource-intensive applications like videos and games. To provide the widest home coverage, Belkin incorporated dual-plane antenna positioning that can provide 3D coverage. All the new routers have Self-Healing applications that run on the background to troubleshoot and repair network problems for uninterrupted connection. A good wireless network is a safe network, that’s why Belkin loaded each new router with native WPS/WPA2 encryption to prevent any unauthorized access.

The Surf router is pretty much the basic 300 Mbps model while the Share, Play and Play Max will additionally feature a Print Genie app for easy wireless printer sharing and also a Memory Safe app for automatic backups to external storages. The included apps on Play and Play Max are more catered for multimedia; these include a Daily DJ app, Music Mover and Music Labeler. Additionally, Play Max will have a Torrent Genie and Bit Boost.

View more Belkin wireless routers here.

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