BeepEgg Musical Egg Timer

What’s not to love about eggs? They are cheap, can be made into different kinds of viand, and they are very easy to prepare. But even if they’re easy to prepare, getting the right consistency could be really hard. Like you have to decide how long you will keep your eggs there boiling, is it a few minutes after bubbles go or just a little while. Do you have to keep eggs boiling longer if from the fridge? How long would you make it sit boiling if you want it runny, hard or a bit of both? How long should I cook one egg? How about two or three? A lot other more questions pop up when you think about it.

Your old fashioned egg timer could work at times but it is only time based and doesn’t measure the temperature of the water. Like putting an egg on a boiling water is different from putting an egg just as you start boiling the water. A more effective measure is putting a thermo-sensitive device or the BeepEgg. The BeepEgg plays a music according to how your egg is cooked! Killing me softly for a runny egg, I wish I was a hen to have a firm yolk but a little hard on some parts, and Carmina Burana (like the sound of an epic happening, Google it) for the full cooked egg. All you have to do is cook the BeepEggs with real eggs and wait for it to play music.

The BeepEgg will make sure that cooking egg is fun, precise and entertaining.

Get the BeepEgg now.

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