Be Remembered Even After your Life. Get a RosettaStone Tablet

It’s hard to lose a loved one. As much as possible, you want to remember him or her and you want those who visit the graveyard remember the departed also. The common grave markers we have these days will tell you only the name, the birthday, and the date of the person’s death. Good thing, theirs is now RosettaStone, a natural stone tablet featuring advanced object hyperlinking technology. This artifact is designed to be a personal long-term historical archive.
The façade of the RosettaStone contains Life Symbols which you can select from a long list of choices. Of course, you have to pick the one that best represents your vital life associations. Every RosettaStone is capable of communicating additional information regarding the engraved symbols. You will put such data and anyone having a web-enabled cell phone may access it. This process is done through one or more object-based technologies like RFID, image recognition, and hardlinking.

You’re lucky if you own a phone that’s NFC-RFID enabled because you simply need to touch your phone to the stone tablet and all associated information will be transferred in your phone. The RosettaStone isn’t powered by a battery. It actually has an internal microchip that takes advantage of the phone’s magnetic field to power up. Best is, it comes in different styles and materials to match your needs. If you’re planning to affix it to a headstone, then the Granite Memorial RosettaStone is perfect. For indoor use, you can choose the Travertine Personal Rosetta Stone.

The RosettaStone is the only stone tablet in the industry with embedded NFC-RFID Touch-to-Stone technology. It is also known as the longest life memorial tablet available these days. It will be with you as you live your life today and will represent you after life.

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