Bayer Didget – Glucose Monitoring Made Easy and Fun for Kids

Having diabetes at a young age can be really frustrating. Actually, the responsibility that comes with having this disease even forces kids to keep an eye on their health, especially their glucose level. And you might ask, “Aren’t they supposed to be having fun, enjoying their youth?” If you are a parent to a kid suffering from this disease, then you know exactly what this means. Good thing there is now a fun and easy way to monitor glucose levels in kids. Thanks to Bayer for introducing this one-of-a-kind meter that plugs into a Nintendo DS or Nintendo Ds Lite gaming system – the Bayer Didget!

The Bayer’s Didget Blood Glucose Monitoring System is a unique meter that encourages kids to do consistent testing. How does this encourage them? Well, one, since it can be plugged into a Nintendo DS or Nintendo DS Lite, glucose monitoring will feel more like a fun play for them instead of a chore to monitor their health. And two, with its reward points that they can use to unlock new game levels and even buy in-game items, all the more they’ll find it fun to monitor their blood glucose instead of dreadful.

Now, this product offers two modes for kids to grow with – the basic mode and the advanced mode. In the basic mode, simple testing is done right from the start. While in the advanced mode, customizable features are added. Here, let’s take a closer look at these two modes:

Basic mode:

• Fast 5-second test time.
• Small 0.6 ?L blood sample.
• 480 test result memory.
• Large, easy-to-read display.
• Ready to test out of the box.
• No Coding technology.
• Auto detection of control solution.
• 14-day average.
• 7-day HI/LO Summary.

Advanced mode:

• Easy personalization of HI/LO blood glucose target range setting.
• HI/LO test result summary shows tests above and below your child’s glucose target level.
• Pre- and post-meal marker helps kids quickly identify tests taken before and after eating.
• Selectable post-meal reminder can help kids remember to test after meals at a time that works for their routine.
• 7-, 14- and 30-day averages.

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