Aviator Headphone: The Perfect Device for the Serious Music Fanatic

Hardcore look, total durability, and ease of use—all these make the Aviator Headphone a perfect addition to your music gadgets. If you’re a serious fan of music, you need gadgets that won’t let you down. This new headphone, the first product of the collaboration of Skullcandy and Roc Nation, is just perfect.

The Aviator Headphone is oozing with world-class quality inside and out. From the tough materials used in its construction to its world-class appeal and the one-of-a-kind music experience that it provides, you can never go wrong with the Aviator. It’s crafted from metals of the finest grade to ensure its strength. It’s also incorporated with polycarbonate headphone cups and memory foam ear pillows, with its speaker housing finished with optics, for a luxurious music experience. And while it features a very opulent body, the Aviator also provides platinum sound performance with its 40mm full-range enhanced audio driver. When you combine all these features with the device’s easy-stash capability, you get optimum utility. The Aviator can be folded and placed inside its carry case, so you’ll have no worries about the part getting damaged easily when placed inside your bag.

The Aviator Headphone is available in three colors: black, white, and brown. The brown one features gold frames that make it look ultra luxurious. The headphone is set to be released in the market next month, although there’s no announcement about its price yet. While waiting for the availability of this Skullcandy and Roc Nation innovation, you may want to check out other Skullcandy headphones at Amazon.

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