Audio Advantage Amigo II and Micro II from Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach has been at the forefront of digital audio gaming and headphone technology. It is in fact the company behind the growing line of Ear Force gaming headphones as well as headsets for PS3, XBOX, and Nintendo game consoles. It also designs quality headsets for personal computer games. And now, this company extends its product line by introducing Audio Advantage Amigo II and Micro II USB sound cards for Windows and Mac PCs. So what do these Audio Advantage devices offer?

The Amigo II USB sound card adds a mic input and stereo output to a PC or Mac. The mic input allows you to connect an external microphone or the boom mic on your headset while the stereo output lets you connect headphones, powered speakers, or an external recording device. The Amigo II makes use of a USB digital connection to isolate the audio signal from the noisy electronics inside your laptop or PC to deliver higher sound quality. It also has the capability to convert a standard headset into a USB headset. With its single USB connection, the Amigo II allows the user to conveniently connect another sound port to the PC or laptop. This USB sound card and headset adapter is truly a must-have for laptop owners who wish for high-quality audio.

The Audio Advantage Micro II USB sound card, on the other hand, is designed as a USB analog and digital audio adapter. It adds an optical digital output and stereo analog output to your Mac or PC. This Turtle Beach product also includes a TOSLINK adapter. Once you insert the said adapter into the stereo jack, it will be converted into an S/PDIF digital optical output which allows you to connect your PC or Mac to the optical digital input on digital speakers, home theater systems, and other digital audio devices. With the Micro II, you can enjoy streaming digital movies or watching DVDs on your PC or Mac with 5.1 channel Dolby Digital or DTS surround sound on your home theater system.

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