Atrio Special Edition Professional Earphones

Geeks must brace themselves for these – the new Atrio Special Edition (ASE) professional earphones. These remarkable gadgets come equipped with Future Sonics’ proprietary studio-grade dynamic driver, which allows them to produce signature audio other manufacturers can’t reproduce. The ASE is multi-driver and cross-over free and it offers great full range audio for use on stage, in-studio, and even with your personal MP3 and multimedia pads and players. These earphones also take pride in being outfitted with Future Sonics’ natural noise isolation and quality sound at low volumes which extends your listening pleasure and largely lessens hearing fatigue.

What makes the Atrio Special Edition (ASE) professional earphones different from other earpieces is its Power of 1 design developed by Future Sonic. Such design delivers a perfect blend of natural and realistic audio for a bigger, richer sound at a lower volume. In fact, ASEs are recognized by Hearing Awareness and Education for Rockers as a device that offers a full range of sound and performance at even the lowest volumes. You also won’t experience electronic or comb filtering artifacts, phase issues, and crossover dropouts.

Moreover, the Atrio professional earphones feature new MG7 transducer and TrueTimbre audio quality which generates rich, dynamic, and full sound. Portability won’t be an issue because ASEs deliver a lightweight design with multiple in-ear sleeves which makes a custom fit. These earpieces boast eco-friendly packaging plus a zipper case that’s made from post consumer paper & plastic and plant fibers. The Atrio Special Edition professional earphones come available in special edition chocolate color. Interested? Check out Future Sonics Atrio Edition at Amazon.

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