ASUS P7P55D Series Motherboard

With the release of Windows 7, you might get very eager to transfer to Windows’ latest operating system that promises to be more user friendly and free from Vista problems. However, you could have XP still installed and avoided Vista. In this case, you need a fresh start and reformat your computer. While you’re at it, why not learn to build a computer rig yourself and take advantage of Windows 7’s optimization to feel the real speed. The motherboard will be the first thing to consider as this is the “body” of your computer. This is where all the processor, hard drive, memory, video card and other peripherals connect. That’s why this component is very important.

The P7P55D series of motherboard from ASUS is a worthy candidate. It can natively support massive 6Gbps of data transfer on the latest SATA and USB 3.0 technology via the ASUS expansion bridge. This enable users to transfer about four movies in just 15 seconds! For speed freaks but without much computer geek knowledge at hand, there are optimization tweaks for this motherboard that can easily overclock the system. Turbo V-Evo speeds up your system in just a few clicks by choosing the speed setting and press apply – that easy! Turbo V lets you move your processor’s frequency and it automatically adjusts the voltage that it needs. The easiest of them is the Turbo Key where a press of a key overclocks the system much like feeding nitro to the system.

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