ASUS EeeBox EB1007

Laptops and desktops are noticeably more powerful these days with the newer “i” processors from Intel. Even MacBook Pro laptops are upgraded to these new processors with Apple’s latest laptop refresh. Still, the mighty Atom processor that revolutionized mini computing is still being shipped in new nettops such as the EeeBox EB1007.

The EB1007 features an Intel Atom D410 processor, a 160GB hard drive, and 1GB DDR 800MHz memory. There are six USB ports for USB gadget lovers out there. With 6 ports, you can have your USB humping dog, water fountain, rocket launcher, and cup warmer all connected yet still have ports for keyboard and mouse! Aside from that, there is also an ethernet port, audio ports, and VGA. There is an 802.11n Wi-Fi module built in so data transfers are significantly faster than 802.11g Wi-Fi connections.

According to ASUS, this nettop uses only 40watts of electricity which is 80% less than standard desktops. This means that you can let this computer turned on all night downloading stuffs and still not have the guilt of consuming much power. The EB1007 only weighs 1.13kg and can be mounted onto an LCD TV’s back with the included VESA mounting kit. This turns your TV into an instant all-in-one PC! You can even make this a media tank if you want since it practically costs much less than standard computers. Though keep in mind that no video card is built-in and the Atom D410 is a single core processor.

Get an EeeBox for just $279.99 (about $80 less after post-purchase rebate) here!

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