Archos 28 Internet Tablet: Android Connectivity Within Your Palm

Android connectivity within your palm – this, is actually quite literal with the new Archos 28 internet tablet, the first WiFi-connected Android gadget. Well, first and foremost, it’s a tablet. Now, after you’ve acknowledged that fact, it’s time to acknowledge that this internet tablet actually offers more than just being a tablet.

This Archos gadget features WiFi connectivity, so you stay connected! It also has 3D graphical accelerator and a smooth user interface that makes navigating it a simple and enjoyable experience. And if you’re thinking it’s all about the viewing experience, then you’re wrong. The Archos 28 tablet is also superb when it comes to audio. It supports a whole lot of audio and video formats, plus the WiFi connection just makes everything more appealing. And because your WiFi connection would be nothing if internet browsing (especially email sending) is as slow as a snail, this Android internet tablet is equipped with a high-speed processor. And of course, this is compatible with a wide array of applications that you can download from AppsLib – that is, if you’re not yet satisfied with the loads of apps already pre-installed in the device.

Despite all these features, the Archos 28 internet tablet is convenient to carry around and use – devoid of the complications that you might expect from as high-end a device as this. It’s compact and slim (less than 10 mm thin) and has a 2.8” touch screen. If you’re looking to experience Android in a convenient way, then you might be interested with the Archos 28.

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