Antigravity Platform – It’s Not Magic, But It’s Truly Amazing

If the sight inside a spaceship amazes you, whereas there is zero gravity and the astronaut floats and looks as if he’s flying to reach a certain object, well wait until you see it happen right inside your home. You don’t necessarily have to own a real spaceship at that, all you need is this device called Antigravity Platform. However here, you can only make things float, not yourself nor anyone else. You think it’s magic? No, it’s not! But it’s truly amazing, and for sure it’ll also amaze everyone inside your home.

So how does the Antigravity Platform work? Well, you see, this platform is a great electromagnet itself, so it only uses strong magnets to make your things levitate. In this package, a globe is included to show you exactly how it works. Now, if you want to make it revolve, just give it an encouraging tap and off your little globe goes. You’ll be amazed at the effects it’ll give your home. And for sure, kids and adults who will come for a visit will also be amazed with this new thing inside your home. Of course, expect them to ask, “Is it magic?” And you already know the answer.

So who said antigravity can only be seen inside a spaceship? You can always bring it right inside your home, in a truly amazing and unique way with the Antigravity Platform. Aside from globe, you can also let other things float on it too like your small photo frames. Just remember it should only weigh about 3 ounces or less.

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