Ant-O-Sphere for Ant Lovers

Are you a pet lover? If you are, how would you like the idea of having ants for a pet? Impossible? Well, that was before. There’s a new innovation these days that will make keeping ants as pets not only possible but also easy and fun. Take a look at the Ant-O-Sphere!

The Ant-O-Sphere is an ant habitat that you can easily set up according to your liking. It comes with four spherical pods and red tubes connecting the pods. The system is an imitation of the exact layout of the leaf-cutter ant colonies, and the pods and tubes are the exact size of the chambers built by the ants underground. You can add soil and plants, even worms, to the pods in order to create a miniature eco-system for your pets. Plus, the red tubes make ants believe that they are in total darkness when the reality is that you can observe them. And to see even the tiniest details of the ants’ lives, the Ant-O-Sphere comes with three kinds of magnifier.

This mini ant eco-system toy will perk up your creativity. You can arrange the pods according to your preference, you can add whatever you want on the pods (you can even make a mini garden), and you can add more pods as your ant colony grows. If you have kids, this is a great learning experience for them and a great way to teach them how to care for other living organisms. Just remember, however, that the Ant-O-Sphere is not ideal for people who are allergic to insect stings and for kids under three years old.

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