Amplitude iRig for Hardcore Musicians

Are you a musician at heart? Then the Amplitude iRig is a must-have. This is the industry’s ultimate mobile guitar amp and effects rig system for iPod touch, iPhone, or iPod that allows you to jam anywhere with world class bass and guitar tone right in the palm of your hand. True, this is such a complete Interface and Software solution that comes with a perfect blend of user-friendly instrument interface adapter as well as guitar and bass tone mobile software. All you need is to simply plug the iRig interface into your mobile device and plug your instrument into the right input jack. Then, plug in your headphones, amp or powered speakers, download AmpliTube for iPhone, and presto! You are ready to rock!

Another advantage of the Amplitude iRig is, you are free to add amps and effects as needed. Yes, you can expand your rig by adding in 11 stomps, 5 cabinets, 5 amps, and 2 microphones. And with the iRig Plug Interface Adapter, you now have an easy way to get your instrument’s signal into the iPod touch, iPhone, or iPad. Aside from being the best buddy for the mobile AmpliTube app, it also works with other processing, recording, or tuning app. It can also be used with line level signal sources like keyboards, synthesizers, or mixers.

If you want to start rocking right away, IK Multimedia is here to help. It is because they are dedicated in serving musicians first. So get the Amplitube iRig from IK Multimedia now and get ready to rock the world.

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