Amaze your Kids with the Laser Zero Gravity RC Car

Remote-controlled vehicles are made to answer and to satisfy the players’ need for speed. Before, RC cars are played only on flat, paved surfaces. But since most of us are always looking for something new, these toys continuously receive upgrades and improvements. In fact, there’s now an RC car that can be driven up the wall. Yes, you read it right! The Laser Zero Gravity RC car is even capable of making it up to the ceiling! All you need to do is to put the car on the wall, point the laser in front of it, and watch it as it follows the red dot from the laser.

Aside from the inventive laser technology, this gravity-defying car is also equipped with a smart blowing mechanism that makes the car glued to the wall or the ceiling and an even smarter tracking system that makes it chase the dot everywhere it goes. What’s more, the Laser Zero gravity RC car isn’t just for kids, anyone who wants to entertain himself during his free time can guide this car all over the room.

When you purchase such toy, what you’ll get from the package is a car and a nice-looking controller that you can aim at the wall. The car is powered by a rechargeable li-po battery which recharges by means of a plug adapter. The battery and adapter is also included in the pack. The controller functions through the power provided to it by 6 pieces AA batteries, which you need to purchase separately. Click here and purchase the Laser Zero Gravity RC Car today!

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