alessiTab: Your All-Around Home Device

We love portable devices because of their ease to carry around as we go along with our daily activities. But, not many of us think about portability when it comes to home gadgets. Well, that was before. The latest innovation designed for the home today is not only portable – it’s also very chic and functional. Meet alessiTab, a multimedia tablet designed by Stefano Giovannoni in cooperation with alessi and promelit.

alessiTab is one of the very few gadgets today designed specifically for the home. Simple and versatile, it’s ideal for use from your bedroom to your living room, and even to your kitchen. Powered by Google Android v. 2.1 Operating System, this tablet will allow you do a lot more than you can do with many other tablets – except probably the likes of the iPad. Still, alessiTab has a lot to boast of. Its video camera will allow you to make voice and video calls. Its USB port will allow direct import of data with no need for PC connection. Browse the internet, watch TV and movies, and listen to your favorite music, read the latest celebrity gossip – these are just some of the things that you can do with alessiTab. If you love cooking, this is also a great buddy with its collection of recipes. Other available applications include weather reports and real time news. And, all these you can access via the tablet’s 10.1” touch screen display.

Using the device is easy with its docking station, and up to 6 hours of service is promised with its battery. Lastly, its ultra sleek design guarantees that it will complement every area in your home.

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