AK-47 Aqua Fire – It’s All in the Name of Fun

Kids these days want something unique for they playtime, especially boys. They no longer stick to action figures, toy cars, and building blocks. And so when birthdays come, it’s usually harder to choose what gift to give for boys than for girls. And so, if you are in the same dilemma, might as well consider giving tech toys. There are actually lots of choices these days including RC cars and planes, but be sure to check on their prices first because they can cost a lot for a gift. Now, if you have a tight budget, better settle on giving something that is equally fun, something like the AK-47 Aqua Fire.

Huh? Aqua Fire? The name doesn’t suggest a thing, and for sure you’re more confused there as to what this toy is really about. Okay, here’s the explanation – the AK-47 Aqua Fire is actually a water gun that disperses really impressive four “bullets” of water per second. It presents the latest in rapid-fire water pistol technology, making it a lot different than the other water gun options around. It also does not require pumping and its full “clip” often lasts about 60 seconds, offering a truly fun game for young boys. And hey, it’s very easy to reload too! Thanks to its removable water cartridge, the boys will sure have minimal delay between dispatching their enemies.

The AK-47 Aqua Fire is suitable for kids ages 12 years and above. So search no more for the perfect gift to that birthday boy. Get this really cool water pistol now!

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