Advanced Data Storage and Data Sharing with the LaCie Network Space MAX

In today’s internet era, you’ll find that the average home has at least one computer unit. There are other homes, however, which are equipped with several units and with many other technological gadgets. While computers are undoubtedly helpful and many individuals have come to depend on them, the great number of computers in one’s home also poses a problem—primary of these have to do with data storage and data sharing. These are the problems the LaCie Network Space MAX aims to solve.

The Network Space MAX is a home network file sharing device that doubles as a double USB hard drive. This device contains two large-capacity hard drives that will allow you to either store more files or back up your existing files. The device has two modes—RAID 0 and RAID 1. When you choose the first mode, you’ll get maximum storage capacity from this LaCie innovation. When you choose the RAID 1 mode, on the other hand, you’ll enjoy full data back up via automatic disk mirroring (all your files are copied into each of the two disks so that there’ll be no risk of data loss if one of the drives fails). And with all your data stored in the device, it’s easy to share it with other computers in your home via the Ethernet port. Plus, you can even access and download files even with your computer off!

The LaCie Network Space MAX is designed by Neil Poulton and starts at $279.99. You’ll also find other similar LaCie devices like the LaCie Network Space 2 at Amazon.

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