Acer H5360 Multimedia Projector

A good projector could transform your living room into a home theater system. If you plan to pimp out your room, don’t be cheap by using a pico projector! Those are just good for presentations, some slide show or movies when friends come over. Invest in something good that would really make watching movies at home worthwhile.

The Acer H5360 is a good example of a home entertainment projector. It is specifically designed by Acer to play movies and games rather than usual presentations. I mean, 3D features and native 720p video resolution aren’t really required for business presentation or classroom discussions. You would rather buy a value projector for those purposes.

You can place this projector in front, rear, front ceiling or rear ceiling. The 2500 lumens is strong enough to project even when there is no total darkness. Though it has a native resolution of 720p or 1280×720, it can also project at 1080p HD resolution or 1980×1080. Since this projector is optimized for home entertainment, the native aspect ratio is 16:9 so you don’t see your movies stretched vertically just to remove the black bars.

You can make your screen from 27″ at 1 meter from the projection screen to 300″ when 10.3m away. There is an integrated 2W speakers but don’t count on it much since it is just not enough. If you’re going for home entertainment, then you should invest also on a good set of speakers.

Get this home entertainment multimedia projector for around $660 at Amazon.

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