A Handheld Keyboard, Mouse, and Touchpad in One!

Need absolute control of your media? Then the new EFO Wireless Handheld Keyboard is the product for you. This isn’t just an ordinary keyboard; it is also a Touchpad, a mouse, and a CARPC, HTPC, IPTV remote control!

With this device, it would be way easy for you to connect your PC to your TV in case you want to watch movies in a wider screen. The keyboard allows you to control the downloaded movies and select the one you want to play. What’s more? It is also compatible with Playstation 3, Xbox 360, Wii, and many more so you can use it for playing games to your hearts content. Such a versatile device, right?

The EFO Wireless Keyboard is portable enough as it comes in a size that perfectly fits your hand. And do you know that even in dim light, you can easily type and read text? Yes, it is made possible by the gadget’s remarkable backlighting. Aside from that, this wireless keyboard and touchpad comes with many other indication lights to let you know the condition of your keyboard. It also offers Hand Writing Touch Pad which you can utilize as point and click. It has a standard keyboard layout to give you utmost convenience.

Moreover, this EFO baby will impress you with its 2.4G DSSS technology which provides you with long-range wireless control even up to 33 feet away. Its plug and play function makes it way easy to use since you no longer need to install software.

The EFO RF Wireless Handheld Keyboard, Mouse, and Touchpad can be yours at US$40. Click here to order this amazing device. Shipping to any country only costs US$5.

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