A Closer Look at Health, Closer Look at Samsung MyFit

Shredding that accumulated holiday blubber and getting back in tip top physical shape is definitely one of the top New Year’s Resolutions. Attendees of the last 2010 Consumer Electronics Show are well ahead in getting a better physique, thanks to all that geek-adrenaline-boosting booth to booth walkathon and of course the new Samsung MyFit portable media player. MyFit is probably the industry’s first “health and wellness” mp3 player; it comes pre-loaded with tons of menu and features that are designed to get you in optimal health. It is the first of its kind to feature an integrated stress and body fat level indicators as well as personalized workout guides. Joggers and marathon runners will greatly appreciate the jogging playlist and the simple Tapping Control Jogging mode that makes it easier to move into the next song without interrupting a workout. Another welcomed addition is the integrated accelerometer that can automatically take note of calories burned while running. Speaking of calories, consumers can record their caloric intake per meal with the installed food calorie database. The built-in water intake manager and smoking cessation software seal the deal for a healthy living 2010.

As a music player, Samsung didn’t skimp on features either. This portable multimedia gadget sports Samsung’s DNSe 3.0 sound enhancement technology. It generates a realistic stereo sound to compensate for the loss of quality and limitations of compressed audio files. MyFit also features a 2.4” 320×240 TFT display, FM radio and a long 40 hour battery life.

If you need a calorie monitoring watch, just point and click here.

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  1. Such dedicated health management gadgets are an interesting approach to the market, but one obvious question that comes to mind is whether the device does more or better integrates the solution than what one could get using a smartphone or similar device with a few tracking programs.

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