640GB Western Digital My Passport Studio with Smart Drive Label – True Insider Information

It’s the small technological convenience in life that makes modern living a little bit easier. Small advances in technology like the vendo machine, coffee maker, universal remote and personalized drive label make daily living less arduous than it should be. Rewind. Personalized drive label? Yes, the new large capacity 640GB Western Digital My Passport Studio external hard drive will be featuring a smart display that lets you make your own personal electronic label to remind you of what’s inside the drive. Aside from your custom made “e-label”, the display also lets you view other drive information like remaining HDD space and security status. Additionally, you can even view your label and drive information when the My Passport Studio is powered down – a nifty feature for any data archiver.

The Western Digital 640GB My Passport Studio features a versatile dual interface; it supports FireWire 800 for ultrafast 800 Mb/s (Max) transfer rate and also a 480 Mb/s (Max) USB 2.0 interface to ensure universal compatibility. My Passport Studio comes with the proprietary WD SmartWare application that lets you personally monitor the back-up process, continuously protect your data automatically, recover lost files and customize different product features. For added security, WD My Passport Studio has a drive lock that provides a water-tight unauthorized access and data theft protection using password and 256-bit hardware-based encryption. The 640GB Western Digital My Passport Studio is ready for use “right out the box” for Mac users and may require drive formatting for Windows operating systems.

Get your own Western Digital My Passport Studio 640 GB FireWire 800/400 USB 2.0 Portable External Hard Drive now.

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