2GHz SheevaPlug: Easy Energy Management for Everybody

With the increasing cost of electricity and the growing need to conserve energy, energy management is now a must in every home. Marvell has partnered with 4Home to create the 2GHz SheevaPlug, a small Linux computer (so small you can fit it into the palm of your hands) designed to monitor power consumption in your home right from the outlet. This new innovation makes energy monitoring easy without you having to go for an expensive home automation kit.

This energy management device works by simply plugging it into a wall outlet. Once plugged in, it will stay on at all times. It will help you keep track of the historical and real-time energy consumption either of your entire home or of every electronic appliance. And, based on the current data available, it can project your future energy consumptions. Because of this, you are assured that you’ll have total control over your consumption and that you can always manage your energy consumption with the help of the available data provided by the device. It can even give you alerts whenever you’re having more consumption than what the device has allocated for a specific time frame.

The 2GHz SheevaPlug is an answer to the growing needs of people for efficient energy management. There’s no mention about the specific price of the device yet, but it will surely be less costly than a home automation kit. If you want peace of mind and control over your expenses, then this is one worthy investment that will give you back your money in the long run.

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